X-Ray / Ultra sound

X-Ray / Ultra Sound

Choose the safest hand for your beloved pet. Get the most efficient and reliable care at our centre. We have been committed to cater to our customers for improving animal care. Our dedicated team of veterinarians strives to offer the best services with professional equipment, customer care, advice, learning and finally modern technical support.

Emergency support and online consultation

In addition, clients can always interact with our specialist team for supporting any emergency situation. With digital X-ray, high-tech diagnosis methods and rapid radiographic findings we ensure all our services are quality-proven. Moreover, all our team of doctors provide keen attention to each client and make sure they are contented with the treatment. We at Canadian Vet clinic provide you veterinary Xray services in Dubai.

Quick treatment with modern technology support

The best parts our services are, we offer quick responses, and even take care of all possible situations with digitally-aided systems. Once you contact us, it’s our sole responsibility to keep you at ease.
Contact us, for further assistance. We are just one click away.

X-ray Services for Different Pet Conditions

Our sophisticated Canadian Veterinary Clinic in Dubai has diagnostic radiography services that can assist identify pet problems. The X-rays serve as an important technique to diagnose bone fracture, joint problem, internal organ anomaly and dental problem. We offer a high-quality veterinary X-ray service in Dubai, which our skilled staff use to diagnose correctly and treat your pet appropriately.

Emergency X-ray services at the Canadian Veterinary Clinic

Quick and accurate diagnostics are crucial factors for emergency situations. Our clinic has state-of-the-art equipment for radiological studies in an emergency situation, which enables rapid assessment and diagnosis and treatment procedures. If your pet needs emergency checkup due to trauma/sudden symptoms or if it suffered an injury, our staff can perform X-rays urgently. We provide emergency x-ray services and on-time, quality treatment that should matter in the most critical periods of our lives.

Benefits of Veterinary X-rays for Pet Health

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