Pet Relocation Services

Pet Relocation Services

Pet Relocation Service in Sharjah

Move your pet without concern by working with Canadian Veterinary Clinic in Sharjah. Our committed staff specialises in enabling smooth and safe pet transportation services in Sharjah, making sure your cherished friends arrive at their destination in luxury and care.

Importance of Professional Pet Relocation

Our expert pet relocation service in Sharjah are essential to guaranteeing your pets’ safety while in transit. Entrusting the relocation of your pet to professionals guarantees a seamless and stress-free experience for both pets and owners, from taking care of paperwork to offering comfortable transportation.

Pet Relocation Services Offered

Being the top pet shipping companies in Sharjah, we at Canadian Veterinary Clinic provide a wide range of services for moving pets. Our staff takes care and professionalism in handling every part of your pet’s travel, from helping with paperwork and documentation to setting up comfortable transportation.

Benefits of Our Professional Pet Relocation

For all of your animal transport services in Sharjah, choose Canadian Veterinary Clinic and feel secure in the knowledge that your animals are in good care. With our knowledge, devotion, and passion to providing outstanding service, we guarantee a worry-free and secure moving experience for you and your pets.

If you want to relocate your pet to a different country, as trusted pet relocation services Dubai, we can help you with the complete process, so the transit will be hassle-free both for the pet and for its owner. We can help you with the complex paperwork, the shipping rules and regulations, including boarding and stay for your pet until it can travel. We also deliver the pet to the airport, perform airline check-in etc.

You can start by visiting our clinic, and telling us your requirements. We would brief you on the rules and regulations, the details of pet relocation services Dubai, the vaccination requirements, and all other details you need regarding importing or exporting your pet. Once you understand the rules, we can start the relocation process, as soon as you are.

Dubai is one of the few countries that do not demand quarantine of pets that are entering the country. The pet must however, have valid vaccination certificates, and be microchipped.

The permit validity is for 30 days, so your pet must be relocated within that time. We will start the process as soon as possible, and prepare your pet for travel.

You must have to get a transit permit for cats and dogs. You must also have the veterinary health certificate, vaccination document and an import permit. The vaccination document must contain all the vaccines taken by the pet. As part of pet relocation services Dubai, we can help you get these ready.

Pet safety and comfort is our primary concern so we will do everything in our power to make sure they are relocated smoothly as possible.