It is often said that the eye is the window to the soul. Similarly, when viewed through the lens of a veterinarian, the eye can reveal a wealth of information. Factors such as symmetry, orbit conformation, and pupil reflexes play crucial roles. Observing the blinking action, corneal sensitivity, and eye movements can provide vital signs hinting at various issues, including problems originating from the cervical area, cataracts, uveitis, glaucoma, SARDS, Horner’s syndrome, and more.

Canadian Veterinary Clinic is adept at addressing a spectrum of eye problems, from tear issues to intraocular pressure. Our veterinarians utilize a handheld tonometer to assess intraocular pressure in dogs and cats. Certain pet breeds are predisposed to conditions like glaucoma and anterior uveitis.

When should you seek a veterinary ophthalmology examination?

Some conditions may arise suddenly, while others manifest in older pets. For expert case management and treatment, consult with Canadian Veterinary Clinic.

What to expect during an eye consultation?

A thorough physical examination of the eye, including light response and possibly dye tests or tear tests. If the condition is suspected to be linked to an infectious agent, a blood test may be necessary. Your pet’s medical history is crucial; providing precise and accurate information can streamline tests, save time, and reduce costs.

Veterinary Ophthalmology Services in Abu Dhabi at Canadian VC

Canadian Veterinary Clinic offers specialised veterinary ophthalmology services in Mena with the goal of maintaining your dogs’ outstanding eye health. Veterinary ophthalmology is essential for treating a range of eye conditions that can seriously affect a pet’s general health and for preserving the best possible eye health in them. Our skilled ophthalmologists are qualified to identify and handle common pet eye disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, and corneal ulcers.

To precisely determine the state of each pet’s eyes and provide individualised treatment options, such as prescription drugs, laser treatments, and surgical procedures, we use a variety of diagnostic techniques. Serving Mena, Abu Dhabi, and the surrounding areas, Canadian Veterinary Clinic is committed to offering specialised veterinary ophthalmology care and guaranteeing the best possible results for your pet’s eye health.