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Routine Vaccination / Blood Collection

Vaccines are biological agents administered to a healthy animal in order to give that animal immunity against a specific disease or condition. Vaccinations generally contain minute doses of de-activated microorganisms THAT  triggers the immune system of OUR  PETS  TO fight DISEASE CAUSING AGENT .To achieve a good immune response thru vaccination ,we give primary . core vaccination on fatal diseases affecting our pets . After the primary vaccination booster shots or secondary vaccination are given to raise the immune response  from the first vaccine. It’s better to check for vaccine immune response using Vacci –Check (trademark) check the immune response level and decide if another vaccination is needed .

Vaccinations are very crucial for every pet’s health. They are given to avoid future diseases and for prevention purpose. They also prevent diseases from passing between animals and from animals to people. Our dedicated team of veterinarians will guide our clients through the required vaccines, assist with scheduling them and the process.

Vaccinations are an important part of your pets’ complete health care, beginning when they’re only 6 to 8 weeks of age and boosters shot before 6 mos must be completed . Annual vaccines  are done  throughout the entire productive life. Vaccines are the most economical  and  inexpensive way to protect your pet from the most common but serious illnesses your pet can catch. If you are looking for pet vaccination in Dubai, then we at Canadian Veterinary Clinic is there for you.

The importance of pet vaccinations

To take good care of our animals, responsible pet owners give their pets proper vaccination thus ensuring that they are healthy and happy. Pet vaccines serve various purposes such as the prevention of diseases, increasing public safety by preventing transmission of certain ailments and extending the life span of ailing pets.

The range of vaccination services offered by the canadian veterinary clinic in dubai

At our Canadian Veterinary Clinic in Dubai, we understand the importance of a strong vaccination program. Our clinic offers vaccinations tailored to the specific needs of each pet:

Customized vaccination plans

We recognize that every pet is unique. That’s why, we emphasize the importance of personalized vaccination plans. We take into account various factors such as breed, age, lifestyle and pre-existing health conditions (by doing blood hematology test ) while making a vaccination schedule. This personalized approach ensures that your pet receives the most effective and necessary vaccinations, reducing the risk of death and adverse reactions and maximizing protection.

Why choose us

We provide vaccinations for pets so they can be healthy enough to fight diseases if they are exposed to those disease-causing organisms. Vaccines are given to pets that are 6-8 weeks our older. We provide vaccines for different kinds of diseases for pets.

Starting 45 days for dogs then booster shots after 3-4 weeks two times.Rabies vaccine from 3 months -3.5 months. After completing the full course, booster shots every year because the product available in uae, recommend yearly vaccination uae guidelines is yearly vaccination for our pets and that is canadian veterinary clinic follows.

Yes, if there was previous visit from another clinic but if there is none our competent doctors can do the proper vaccine documentation .

There could be side effect that’s why  our staff will give you tips and guidelines what to observed. After vaccination , in Canadian veterinary clinic , we allow for 10-15 mins observation to see if there is immediate side effect.

Not recommended to give vaccines on pregnant

Pet coming  in Dubai  requires strictly Rabies titer test from high risk country and an import permit even they are vaccinated .

Pet going  out requires export permit and fit to fly certificate even they are vaccinated.