VACCINATION is very important. It can save the life of your pet against deadly viral diseases. Vaccinating your pet can protect our loved ones too.It can save your time and money because vaccination will help your pet become resistant to diseases. Imagine an unvaccinated pet getting sick and being hospitalized with hospital bill more than your planned expenses. Vaccination can make them strong against diseases and it can save the future kittens and puppies. Vaccines are safe and effective for your pet.

Vaccination .Most of the time includes a short wellness check for fitness to take the inoculation( vaccination). This is a very short physical exam. Vaccines for Cats: Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Calici and Feline Herpes Virus and anti Rabies

  • Fungal Vaccine upon request

Vaccines for Dogs: Parvo Virus, Distemper Virus, Hapatitis Virus, Para influenza Virus and Leptospira Bacterins, and lastly Kennel Cough ( protects the dogs against Bacteria that can be contracted in Kennels).