WE are a comprehensive veterinary clinic located in Meena Fish and Bird Market. WE are close with Saadiyat, Reem Island and AlMarya. We are supported by qualified veterinarians, assistants, labtechnician and groomer.We strive to maintain a high level of standard of cleanliness and biosecurity. We maintain to be cost effective and problem oriented.Our Vision is to see every Pet reach more than avarage life span and enjoy life. We will try to have a solution to your pet problems. “YOUR PETS, OUR FAMILY”

Our history

Canadian Veterinary Clinic was established by friends who are animal lovers, animal enthusiasts and businessmen. It started its construction in June 2013. The first founding veterinarian was Dr. Sheila Cantoria Jamora and still serving with the team. She arrived in the clinic in October, 2013. She has wide experience as a Veterinary doctor and a graduate of one of the prestigious University in the Philippines. Jonson joined the clinic in the same month as groomer and assistant. He is a professional groomer from Baguio City. The clinic operated for almost 8 months when the receptionist was added to the team. Mercy Limbaga is aqualified computer engineer and later on joined by Michael Domingo joined as lab technician. The clinic operated as primary clinic and now expanding into a comprehensive vet clinic. The team has grown from 4 member team into 8 member team. All of them are passionate animal lovers.

Our Team Members

  • Ahna

  • Hamed

  • Asna